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Our History

In the late 70’s a friend of our family that had worked on tuna fishing boats in the 50’s and 60’s told us about Zihuatanejo. His name of Dick Hedricks and the stories he had about Zihuatanejo made my mother and father book our first vacation to this area. That was in the early 80’s.

For some people it only takes one trip to know that the Zihuatanejo area is where you want to be. It was that way for me.

We got from Zihuatanejo to Troncones because both my father and I surfed. In those days we would wake up at the Dorado Pacifico in Ixtapa, and either rent a car or hire a taxi to go and look for surf. On one of these trips, someone drew us a map to Troncones and to a little known beach there called Manzanillo Bay. At the time, Troncones had only 2 restaurants and Manzanillo Bay was down a worn donkey path. I did not know then, but a few years later I would be working in Troncones and buying some lots on Manzanillo Bay to build my home.

Fast forward a few decades and my wife (who is from Zihua) and our 3 kids (all born in Zihua) still enjoy spending as much time as we can at Casa Manzanillo. Trying to find glorified words about what Zihua and Troncones mean to us does not really make sense to me. We love it and we know that our family and friends love it too, and we feel blessed to be part of the community.

We always look forward to meeting new people and welcome you to our home. I hope that you will find something special here and am always happy to hear your stories. We hope you enjoy your stay!


David W. Connell

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