Frequently Asked Questions

Are you right on the beach and how close is the water?

Yes, we are located right on the beach of Manzanillo Bay, Troncones. All of our rooms feature a beautiful beach / ocean view. The three ground floor rooms are just a few steps from the shore.

Do all of your rooms have a private entrance/exit?

Yes, all of our rooms have their own entrance and private balcony or patio.

Where is Casa Manzanillo located in reference to other well known landmarks?

We are on the pacific coast of Mexico. We are 200 miles north of Acapulco, and about 7 hours drive south from the city of Manzanillo, Colima. We are a 7 hours drive west from Mexico City. We are a 25 minutes drive from Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo. Please click here for a MAP

Where can I get laundry done?

We do offer laundry service for personal clothing at the house upon request and ask that you tip the staff. We do not charge for the first laundry service.

Are there places to buy gifts?

Yes – Start off by checking out our local stores in Troncones – there are a few really fun ones. We also recommend going to La Union for some real Guerrero ranching items – don´t expect boutiques but you can find some really original items in the stores there (tip – do not pass up the hardware stores – they sell a lot of interesting things. Zihuatanejo is where you will find most of the shops of Troncones and La Union did not fill your list.

Can I send e-mail while I am there?

We have good Wi-Fi so you a set on this.

Do you have a restaurant on the premises?

No we do not have a restaurant. However if you rent the entire house we can coordinate having someone cook and serve. This is really the best way to go on price, relaxation and local cuisine.

Do you have fridges in your rooms?

We do not have refrigerators in our rooms. If you need to store something in the refrige – we have one that guests can access in the kitchen. The pantry refrigerator is for house and staff only.

Can we use the kitchen?

We only allow full house rentals use of the kitchen.

Do you have AC?

We have air conditioning in all our rooms.

Do you have beach towels?

Yes, large beach towels are available upon request with every room.

Can I bring my baby and kids?

Yes! Casa Manzanillo is a family oriented hotel! Children and babies are welcome.

How old is Casa Manzanillo?

It was constructed in 1998.

What temperature is the ocean water?

From January – May: 72-82 degrees F

June – December: 78-85 degrees F.

How strong is the sun?

The sun is strong. Always bring sunscreen and a hat and most of all use them and re-apply every hour! Try not to be out during the hottest hours of the day and be sure to DRINK A LOT OF WATER!

What is there to do around Troncones?

There are a number of activities available in the vicinity. You can go hiking, bird watching, mountain biking, surfing, swimming, snorkeling, and horseback riding in Troncones. There are also boat trip for surfing and fishing in Troncones (Majagua). In Zihuatanejo you may go sport fishing, scuba diving, or shopping. See the activities section for more details or speak with Adrian when you arrive to coordinate activities.

Do I have to know how to speak Spanish?

No, we have several partially bi-lingual members on our staff and will be happy to assist in any translating that you need. A little Spanish-English might be of use off our premises though. Don’t worry about not knowing how to pronounce perfectly, the locals will really appreciate your efforts and you can make a deeper connection to your fellow man. If you have specific food requests, it would be best to know how to say these things before you arrive. See for specific words or phrases.

Can you drink the water?

Although all our tap water comes from a deep well, we do not drink it. We have bottled water in each room for your teeth brushing and drinking and you can refill the bottle in the kitchen. We use purified water to wash vegetables and for other kitchen uses and all our ice is made with purified water.

How much do you think we will spend on food during our stay?

About $70USD per couple a day is the average for most guests. Lunch prices range from $10USD to $15USD for food at local joints, and dinner ranges from $15USD to $20USD depending on the place.

Are there good surfing spots nearby?

There are lots of good surfing spots in this area, not to mention the one right in front of the house! A few of the waves are world-class: La Saladita, Playa Linda, The Ranch, Rio Nexpa, La Boca, & Manzanillo Point, just to name a few.

What is the surf like?

We have world class surf year round, but the surf definitely tends to be more consistent through the summer months. You can get up to date forecasts from several websites on the Internet.

Can you snorkel in front of Casa Manzanillo?

You can snorkel in front of our place when the surf is small. When the surf is big we do not recommend it.

Do you have masks and snorkels that we can borrow?

I am sorry but we do not.

Where can I rent a surf board or bicycle?

There are several bike rental shops in Troncones. We can help you coordinate this.

What types of activities are available?

Surfing, horseback riding, hikes, mountain biking and shopping can all be arranged. Check out our activities page for a full list of Activities available from Casa Manzanillo.

Do I need a jacket or sweater?

Go ahead and bring a long sleeve shirt and paints, they might come in handy as protective wear after too much sun or on a hike. In December, January and February it gets cool (low 70’s), especially at night, although probably not like where you are coming from.

Are there mosquitoes?

There are mosquitoes in the jungle and a few around the house, although the ocean breeze helps to keep them away. Also, in the cooler seasons there are far fewer mosquitoes than in the summer months. Most people like to have some insect repellent. It also depends on how sweet you are!

How far should I book in advance?

It is always better to book as far in advance as possible. It is difficult for us to predict when we will be full. For reservations during the Christmas season you should book one year in advance!

What if we need a doctor?

For a minor injury, there is a nice and clean clinic in Troncones. For something more major there is a private hospital in Zihuatanejo.

Are there any dangerous bug/animals?

There are some fire ants, scorpions and tarantulas, but they are not numerous and usually don’t harm you. There are very few dangerous snakes in the area, but, again, they probably will not strike unless provoked. We recommend that you shake your shoes and clothes out before putting them on to be careful as that is where most people are stung by scorpions (damp cloths or towels left on the ground). If you are allergic to bees please bring your adrenaline shot (epi-pen), just in case.

I am a vegetarian, what can I eat?

There are vegetarian options on our breakfast menu. Additionally, there are a few restaurants in the area that specialize in vegetarian and vegan food. As you probably know Mexican cuisine offers a variety of vegetarian friendly foods, like guacamole or avocados, beans, tortillas, as well as sopes “sin carne”/ without meat.

Which airport do I fly into?

You need to fly into the Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo International Airport (ZIH).

How do I get out to your place from the airport, and how long does it take?

You can take a taxi from the airport (and back) or you can rent a car. Hertz, Alamo, Budget, and National have rentals at the airport. The trip takes about 25 minutes. The one-way trip on Taxi (4 people) from the airport is about $990 pesos, if you prefer; you can rent a Suburban (8 people) that cost $1,800 pesos aprox. The trip from Troncones back to the airport in taxi is about $800 pesos. To know how to get here, please, see the direction page.

How do we get into Zihuatanejo or Ixtapa from Casa Manzanillo?

It is simple to take a taxi, which will cost you about $500 to $800 pesos or you can rent a car. We can help you to arrange this if you need help. Taxi services is available from the house or in Troncones center, a twenty-minute walk from the house. There is also a local bus system, or micros, which will take you into Troncones or the entrance of Troncones for $25 pesos.

Another way to get to Zihuatanejo, if you at least speak a little Spanish, is the local micros or vans/buses. For $27 pesos, they will take you into Zihuatanejo. You can ride them all the way into the Center or get off as soon as you enter Zihuatanejo, cross the highway and take another micro into Ixtapa for $10 pesos. To get back to Troncones, wait for the micro to La Union and get off at the entrance to Troncones.

Is there a departure tax at the airport?

Yes, but it is included in your ticket. You will not need to pay extra. Also, you do not need to declare any gifts that you got (if they are not plants, animals, etc.).

Do I need to bring my passport?

Yes. All American and Canadian citizens are required to carry official Passports.

Do I need a visa?

If you are an American or Canadian when you are on the plane the attendants will give you a form to fill out. This is your tourist visa; they will stamp it at the airport. Don’t lose it. You will need to give it back when you leave the country.

Do I need to do anything special to travel with a minor child?

YES! Last year many guests were stopped at the airport in the United States with their minor children. They were traveling with only one parent and were not allowed to enter the country without the consent of the other parent. Ask your airline about this to be prepared. Customs officials will not let you or your child board or disembark without the proper documentation.

Do I need an international driver’s license to rent a car?

No, your driver’s license from the US or Canada is acceptable. We recommend that read up on local driving laws and customs.

How should I pay my bill?

We do accept credit cards, cash and travelers checks to settle bills. We require cash only for activities and spa services. You bill can be charged at the end of your stay. Tips for the staff should be paid separate in either US$ or Pesos.

Where can I get Pesos once I am there?

There is only one ATM machine in Troncones, so we recommend you get your pesos at a currency exchange at the airport or one of the many banks located in Zihuatanejo. The rate is better at the bank. Check the rate before leaving. Many places accept US$ at a slightly worse exchange rate. So, if you need to get money when you were in Troncones click here to see the ATM map.

Can I use my ATM card in Mexico?

There are quite a few ATM machines in Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa that take the Plus system and Cirrus. Notify your bank that you will be in Mexico before leaving, or they might close your account as a protection.

I don’t want to bring much cash what should I do?

You will only need cash to pay for activities, food, transportation & spa services. We can receive credit cards, but we can’t speak for other places. You can run a tab during your stay and pay at check out. However, most Mexican businesses only accept cash, so it is recommended to have some on-hand.

I fell in love with the area, how can I go about owning my own property?

There are a wide range of properties for sale in our area. For more information, we recommend that you contact Dewey for available property in this area.

If you want to buy property in Mexico, no matter how you are doing it, get a lawyer. We highly recommended

Connell & Associates for your legal needs. Tel: 011-52-755-555-0400.

How safe is it for a single woman traveling in the area?

We have had quite a few single women (and men) guests at Casa Manzanillo, so far there has never been a problem. We don’t recommend, however, long solitary walks miles down secluded and empty beaches. There is enough beach traffic on our cove for security and not so much as to ruin the serenity. There are always other guests around to talk to and hang out with.

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