Activities in Troncones Mexico

Discovering Troncones

Without a doubt the attractions of each micro-destination that can be found along the coast of Guerrero, have caused visitors from various parts of the world to return to this favored place with the intention of continuing to discover its wonders.  Such is the case of Troncones, who with its diversity of attractions; Make this place one of the best Secret Spots of the state of Guerrero and Mexico. Therefore, we have gathered for you a list of 5 things that you can not stop living when you are on vacation in the region.

Live the wonders of this tropical corner.

With more than 5 km of extension, Troncones is one of the best “secret” surf beaches of Mexico and is located 20 minutes north of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo. The town of Troncones is home to only 600 people who make this place a magical destination full of experiences to offer.

01. A surfer ´s paradise

For surfing enthusiasts, Troncones presumes to be one of the best points to practice this sport, no matter if you are new or expert; There are waves for all levels and styles. An activity you can not pass out.

02. Mountain Bike or Rute

Troncones offers a great variety of routes to practice this sport, there are also events and group rounds to places nearby. Also we recommend you to take a bike ride around.

03. Tronpical Hiking

If you like to enjoy the landscape and get involved in nature, a walk in the surroundings you will love, also near the village there are some well-known thermal waters where you can spend a therapeutic afternoon.

04. Boat ride or fishing

Without a doubt, a boat ride to explore the natural attractions of the area is a very worthwhile activity, you can also learn to fish and enjoy your fishing prepared in the original Guerrero style.

05. Unique sunsets riding a horse

Tour the beaches of the area by riding these wonderful animals, you can travel great distances and at sunset this experience becomes magical.

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